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Sylvania, OH - Stonebridge Construction - Home Builder

Dear John & Stonebridge Construction, Inc.

First we need to thank you for our gorgeous home. When we started to build everyone told us it would be very stressful, but it wasn't! John you made the whole process so easy. You were easy to work with, very trustworthy and we never once doubted our decision to build with you. The house turned out perfect and we have already turned it into a home. If we ever build again you will definitely be our first and only choice.

Christine did a wonderful job painting our bathroom and designing our tree to complete our basement. You would never know it was her first tree.

Tim did an awesome job with all the trim work. It is the first thing people notice when they come in the front door. Our friends are blown away by the beauty of the custom wood work on the stairs and trim mouldings and the exotic flooring is spectacular! Our neighbors wish they had built with you. No builder in town offers the tremendous quality you do for your price. We could not be happier. I'm glad we decided to stain and not paint the trim white (which was a lot of work for Kevin and Moe.)

Andy is a genius! The kids cottage is one of a kind. It turned out far better than anything I imagined. Thank you!!!

Thank you for the gift card. It was extremely kind and generous. It was a pleasure working with everyone. Everyone (subcontractors and all) was very professional, kind and easy to work with. If you ever need a reference or would like to show our house please don't hesitate to ask.


Michelle & Matt

Stonebridge Construction - Sylvania, OH - Home Builder


Nearly three years ago, Kate and I set out to design a truly unique home that was a reflection of our distinct tastes and personalities. We wanted a house in which spaces were laid out to meet our specific needs and reflected the way we live. And we wanted a house that stood out from others in a quiet, dignified way. Arriving at the design was a lengthy process that took almost a year to complete.

As Kate and I began the search for a contractor, we were looking for a special contractor to help us build this special house. We needed a contractor that would understand that this project was a true custom home and that "typical" would not work. And when the special items and typical constructions were installed, we wanted a contractor who would assemble those components in a manner that would add value and enhance the design, not just enclose space or reach a schedule milestone. We also needed a contractor that could bring a talented team to the project to design some of the key components, not just install them. And most importantly, our contractor needed to view this project not as a contractual obligation but as a partnership in realizing the design.

And we found all of these qualities in Stonebridge Construction.

One of the key design elements of this project was the stair tower. While most homes have such structures, few if any have one in the location and arrangement as ours. As if location and arrangement were not unusual enough, Kate and I wanted a truly unique railing design. We had expressed our design in drawings and with photographs of similar installations, and trusted your team to design and build a stair we would like. I am happy to report that this stair structure turned out better than we could have imagined. The detailing and construction of the railings and panels is nothing short of extraordinary, and is a testament to the talents of your finish carpentry and painting staff.

Our house contains an unusually high number of windows to take advantage of natural light and ventilation as much as possible. With so many windows in this project, the detailing of the finish carpentry around the windows would contribute to the design as much as the placement and quantity of windows would. The custom milled wood for the window (and all the trim wood for that matter) is of the highest quality, and the fit and finish of this trim is absolutely perfect. The mission-style sills and aprons are a unique detail that is only enhanced by the expert craftsmanship these components were installed with.

While it is easy to see the quality of the finish carpentry, the smooth, flat gypsum board finish hides other quality constructions and materials. I applaud your use of engineered studs to ensure the gypsum board finish can be as smooth as possible. While superior materials can contribute to a quality finish, the materials are only as good as the craftsmen that install them. The craft and skill of the Stonebridge framing crew is evident throughout our house, particularly in the long wall in the living room and the tall walls of the stair. There are not any detectable ripples, bows or waves that commonly plague these types of assemblies.

Behind the smooth drywall and between the finer-jointed studs is the HVAC system that is anything but typical. The routing of these systems is usually a straightforward exercise in residential construction. But in a house without first floor interior walls, this installation would be anything but typical. The HVAC contractor was able to design and install a system in the limited wall space that preserved the integrity of the design but also provides a comfortable interior environment.

As a professional architect, I understand better than most that the construction process is not perfect despite the best intentions of all involved. This project was no different. But what was atypical and refreshing was the professionalism and politeness in which construction discrepancies were handled on this project. The fiber reinforcing issue was resolved in a manner that exceeded expectations, and the typical "blame game" did not unfold around the size of the windows. Solving these kinds of problems rather than figuring out who to blame is the mark of a true professional and a quality that Stonebridge should pride itself on.

These are just a few examples of the quality and value that Stonebridge Construction contributed to our house. These are all noteworthy examples, but perhaps the most important metric of success on this project is that we accomplished all of this within the budget established at the start of the project.

John, our custom house turned out far better than we ever expected. There were several non-typical design elements and details that you and your team constructed with excellence and pride. And when assemblies were not built as intended, you and the rest of your team acted with professionalism and understanding to resolve the issues. In short, building this house with the Stonebridge team was an absolute delight.

Please add our names to your list of references for future clients. I would be honored to tell others in the Toledo area about the great experience we had while building with Stonebridge Construction. In addition to our testimony, please feel free to use photographs of our house in your marketing materials to highlight the skills and craftsmanship of your team.

If I can be of any assistance to you in terms of references or collaborating on future projects, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks again for building us a wonderful house that exceeded our expectations.


David and Kate

Home Builder - Stonebridge Construction - Sylvania, OH


During our extensive search for a home in the Toledo area we had the opportunity to view a wide variety of new and existing properties. In just one viewing our first impression of the Stonebridge home was all we needed to make up our minds. The "wow factor" hit us the minute we walked through the door! Beautiful hardwood floors, granite countertops and overall superb quality workmanship made this Stonebridge home the obvious choice. We couldn't be happier!

Bob and Yvonne

Home Builder - Sylvania, OH - Stonebridge Construction

Dear Stonebridge Construction:

This letter is to let you know how much we appreciate you and your business. In days where it is normal to receive less than what you expect from businesses, it is refreshing to find one that delivers more.

We couldn't be more pleased with the entire building experience. Our home is more than we expected! Stonebridge remained on schedule and within pricing guidelines, staying in contact with us throughout the entire building process.

Hearing a few "horror" stories from other people, who have built with less than reputable contractors, my wife and I were at first skeptical about building our first home. I must say, we encountered nothing negative from our experience with Stonebridge. The home was built with quality and precision, and there were no "hidden" costs. Everything was itemized.

John, your total honesty was most refreshing to us. I want to thank you for everything you did during the construction of our home. As stated, you delivered more than was expected. Certainly, if there is ever anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to call. We wish you all the best in your continued success!



Home Builder - Stonebridge Construction - Sylvania, OH

Dear John:

We are slowly but surely getting settled into our new home. We wanted to take a minute to thank you for your kindness, generosity and professionalism throughout the building process. Your entire crew was so helpful and kind to us.

Building a home was a new endeavor for us and we appreciate your patience and understanding throughout the process. The house turned out better than we ever could have imagined! Be sure we will highly recommend Stonebridge Construction to all of our friends.

Thanks Again!


Sylvania, OH - Home Builder - Stonebridge Construction

Dear Stonebridge:

Debra and I thank you for building our home and keeping within the promised schedule. We truly appreciate the quality workmanship Stonebridge Construction provided. We also commend your organization for your integrity and diligent follow up. Stonebridge has always been very responsive to any requests and most willing to accommodate us when our building plans changed. We will certainly recommend Stonebridge to our friends.


Debra and Dan

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